bare feet in the sand

the beauty of nature in a consumer economy

Brues Woods

Sudbury Valley Trustees

I am a volunteer with the Sudbury Valley Trustees.  They work in three river basins outside of Boston: Sudbury, Concord and Assabet Rivers.  They conserve the land and protect wildlife habitats.  On most of their properties, there are trails for hikers and nature lovers to enjoy.  I am the steward of one of these propers, Brues Woods, in Sudbury.  It is a relatively small property, but it has a brook and wetlands.  Mostly I maintain the trail and signage and report any problems.  So far, the most interesting thing I’ve seen is a woodpecker.

I’ve decided to start a photographic record of an area of Brues Woods through the seasons.  Each time I go I will take a photograph in the same spot and so the changing vegetation and wildlife will be seen.  (If you’re in the area, I’m standing with my back to the nature trail #4.)  Here is the first one:

January 7, 2016DSC_5062

March 9, 2016DSC_5070I was hoping to get a good picture of lots of snow, but the snow we got this year never lasted.  Spring is right around the corner now.




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