bare feet in the sand

the beauty of nature in a consumer economy

About Me

I have never been an activist, although I have always done my best to recycle everything I could.  Recently I feel like I haven’t been doing enough.  I love nature, its beauty and diversity.  I have become more and more worried that it is disappearing.  I have decided on a career change.  I would like my career to make a real difference and I would like the difference I make to involve saving the Earth.  I was a theater designer and technician for almost a decade, including my work in graduate school at Brooklyn College.  To go from theater to science I am back in graduate school at Villanova. It took several years of prerequisite classes while working, but I made it. I have also made an effort to do every small thing I can to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.  I use handkerchiefs instead of tissues whenever possible – I keep one in my purse, my car, my bedroom and my living room. I use paper towels sparingly and cloth napkins. I am hoping that after grad school I can find a job and location that will allow me to stop depending so much on a car.

The adventure continues…


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