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Environmental Action and Marine Biology


This summer didn’t turn out the way I planned (getting Lyme disease certainly wasn’t the plan), although I am moving toward going back to school to study environmental marine science.  I am volunteering for two organizations (which I will blog about later) and am just starting a statistics course.  But last week I was inspired when I got together with a group of people interested in preserving the oceans.  I went to an event at the New England Aquarium called Save Ocean Treasures.  It was designed to bring awareness to the efforts that are being made to preserve certain areas off the coast of New England as national monuments.  The aquarium brought in the National Geographic photojournalist Brian Skerry to talk about his experiences diving and show his pictures.  Here is an example:


Another speaker was Jon Witman who is a professor at Brown.  Protecting Cashes Ledge is one of his projects.  Cashes Ledge is a ridge that is a biodiversity hotspot off the coast of New England that has not yet been overfished.  Cashes Ledge is a nursery for Atlantic cod.  It is protected from overfishing for now but making it a National Monument would protect it forever.  The U.S. has been protecting certain areas on land for decades now and the Obama administration is considering protecting certain areas off our coasts.  The Conservation Law Foundation is one of the groups advocating for it.  I hope they succeed.


2 thoughts on “Environmental Action and Marine Biology

  1. Very glad you are doing this, Andrea. For years, I have followed Sylvia Earle who has championed the treasures of the ocean and has published about it. And I support the Union of Concerned Scientists who , I think, one can trust to study these issues objectively. I didn’t know about Cashes Ledge, so thank you. The issues seem so urgent to me and vital, but remain marginalised for the most part. And then, you come along! (Maybe there is even a silver lining with Lyme Disease.) Gidda

  2. Sylvia Earle sent a video message to the event at the New England Aquarium. She seems like one really cool lady.

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