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Springtime! gardening and spending time outdoors

It’s springtime!  Despite New England’s weather it’s the beginning of June and it’s the season to spend time outdoors.  Unfortunately, mosquitos love me and I’m very allergic.  I hate dousing myself in chemicals, but I always figured it was way better than having multiple itchy spots for a week.  This year, I thought there must be a better way.  I was inspired by Clinton Kelly’s segment on The Chew (min.11).  (And I tend to do what Clinton says when it comes to entertaining.)  His suggestion was citrus juice on yourself, mosquito repelling plants, homemade citronella candles.  I plan on trying it all, but I wanted to grow some plants this year anyway.  It turns out a lot of herbs repel insects.  (Here’s an example of a list of plants: Naturalliving.) An herb garden on the deck seemed like the perfect solution.  Here’s a picture of half of my herb garden:


I bought an extra pot of lavender because it smells so good to me but not apparently to insects, is a great addition to tea and has beautiful flowers.  I’m thinking I might get some lemongrass pots as well.  I love to garden and I haven’t often been in a position with the room to do it.  I’m going to try to grow some vegetables from kitchen scraps.  In theory, I’ll never have to buy lettuce, ginger, garlic or onions again.  And I will know exactly what was in the soil and what was sprayed on them as they were grown.